"Dragonfly has saved my life! As a  board volunteer who runs a full time business, I have no time to mess around with a website for my kid's swim team.  Before using you guys I went crazy and wasted so much of my valuable time.  Now, thanks to your training & ease of use I just make quick changes or additions as I think of them.  It takes no time at all.  The team website is now so fabulous we expect loads of extra kids to join.  Thank you so much."  
- Shelley

"Our website is terrific.  The dragonfly editor is so simple, and I can update it from anywhere - even from my phone!  The team knows they can get the most up-to-date information from my blog, and the families love the website because they know the information always current and easy to find. "
- Jeff

Do any of these statements sound like they came from you?    Dragonfly content management can provide the answer for all of these situations.

We set out to build the simplest, most intuitive content editor we could design.  Go to the page you want to edit, click an icon, type in your changes, hit "Publish", and you're done.  No software to install; no technical knowledge required beyond basic word processing skills.  

Dragonfly  content management is the perfect solution for community-based organizations or small businesses that have a need to update their sites frequently, but that rely on non-technical people to do the work.   To see how simple it is to use Dragonfly editing, go to the "Using Dragonfly" tab.

There  are two approaches we can take to build your site using Dragonfly.  A new site can be designed to include Dragonfly as a built-in editor, or an existing site can be retrofitted to use Dragonfly to maintain the content.  Dragonfly is not an all-encompassing Content Management System that will allow you to create a site yourself from scratch; instead, we work with you to build a practical site design, and then turn the site over to you to maintain.  The key is a user-friendly interface that allows people without a technical background to easily maintain and update a website with professional polish.
Once we have the site up and running, we provide you with an online manual,  as well as training and support as needed.   Our experience has been that  our clients have been able to manage and update the content on their own from the minute their site goes live.